FEM simulation services

We have deep expertise in electromagnetic FEM simulations, especially in magnetostatics. We can handle:

  • Permanent magnets.
  • Stationary currents.
  • Transient processes.
  • Harmonic processes.
  • Non-linear magnetic materials/custom B-H curves.
  • Anisotropy in magnetic materials.
  • Highly parameterized geometry and physics.
  • Parametric sweeps.
  • Complex geometry created and imported from CAD software.
  • 2D and 3D simulations.
  • Custom high-quality meshes with manual adjustments to your specific model and physics.
  • Advanced post-processing of simulation results. We can help you establish data interchange between your FEM simulation software and external mathematical software with subsequent post-processing in the mathematical software.
  • We can develop a custom software utilizing the API of your FEM simulation software in order to automate complex computations or integrate the simulation into your larger system.

What we offer:

  • We can create a model from scratch by your specifications.
  • Independent cross-verification of electromagnetic systems using FEM simulation.
  • We can examine the correctness of a model built for electromagnetic FEM simulation and help find errors.
  • Peer review of the results obtained by electromagnetic FEM simulation.
  • [FREE] If you have a model that seems to show overunity using FEM simulation, we can help verify the model. In most cases, we will find errors in the model and simulation.


All your files, models, data, and our correspondence with you will remain private. We can offer a high level of confidentiality. We are ready to sign your NDA.

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