About us

T is a small independent team of passionate researchers and engineers. Our primary interest is overunity phenomena in permanent magnet systems. We have been studying and trying to replicate overunity permanent magnet motors since 2013.

Why choose us?

  • Simple and cost-effective. Overunity permanent magnet motors are conceptually among the simplest: they do not require many components and use very few different physical forms of energy. If designed correctly, they are attractive in the combination of cost/weight/dimensions/power.
  • Open source. We do not intend to hide or patent anything. Our efforts will be open to the public and free from license restrictions.
  • Results above all. We are interested only in results and stick only to a pragmatic, down-to-earth, experiment-first approach.
  • No sorcery. Only properly documented, 100% reproducible experiments and models. No guessing, supernatural abilities or specific phases of the Moon are required from replicators.
  • Qualified engineering. We all have Master’s degrees in STEM fields, varying from electrical engineering to computer science.
  • Unbiased testing. Only open-minded approach to prejudices, established knowledge, and dictums. We prefer to verify both obvious and unbelievable statements ourselves.
  • No scam. No fraud, disinformation, and religion. Difficulties will be reported, not concealed. We are researchers.


Our main long-term goal is to foster the development of the open source, license-free ecosystem of overunity technologies. The ecosystem comprises research, production, and market. The goals are:

  • To develop and publish an easy-to-implement MOPMM.
  • To facilitate the distribution of quality information about MOPMM. To debunk disinformation and unintentional mistakes.
  • To improve the efficiency of the community MOPMM research efforts by focusing on the most promising and narrow directions. To help inexperienced researchers avoid dead-end and inefficient directions of search.
  • To establish an online directory about the players of the ecosystem:
    • Niche and regional teams interested in the subject;
    • MOPMM part manufacturers;
    • Complete MOPMMs manufacturers;
    • Manufacturers of MOPMM-based products, e.g. power stations;
    • Distributors, retail networks;
    • Service centers, consulting services, and pre-commissioning activities’ providers;
    • R&D services.
  • To publish other teams’ relevant research and results on the website.

All the results of our research and the models developed will always be open and free. The sources of income will be as follows:

  • Premium positions in the online directory;
  • B2B cooperation with the ecosystem players;
  • Consulting and R&D services.